SDI Global LLC Design and Manufacture Prefabricated Field Hospitals, Mobile Clinics, Mammography, MR and CT Mobile Scan Units, Field Triage and all types of Deployable Healthcare Units.

SDI Global LLC Healthcare Solutions

ROLE 1 Medical-Care Stations

ROLE 2 Rapid Deployable Surgical Centers

ROLE 3 Rapid Deployable Major Surgical Hospitals

COVID-19 READY Mass Casualty Rapid Deployable Hospital

Compact Negative-Pressure Area COVID-19 READY Mass Casualty Rapid Deployable Role 1 Plus Hospital

Mobile Medical Clinic Semi-Trailers

Mobile Disaster Emergency Response Vehicles

Mobile Oxygen Generation & Filling Units

Mobile High Containment Specialty Units & Vehicles

Mobile Biosafety BSL 1 - 4 Decontamination Units

Mobile Mortuary Units

Rapidly Deployable LEVEL I Mobile Hospital (First Aid & Medical Triage)

This first stop ROLE 1 Medical-Care station with various configurations is an ultra-fast Deployable healthcare solution designed to receive, diagnose, and treat patients. Basically it comes in three (3) stand alone or combined options;

Tent Shelter

Container Shelter

Vehicle Shelter

These shelters function much like a hospital-clinic with basic medical care as doctors and nurses can assess patients, assign treatment priorities, and initiate medical documentation. Patients with severe illnesses or injuries are stabilized until their transfer to a medical facility with surgical and patient-holding capabilities.

Rapidly Deployable ROLE II Mobile Hospital (Portable Surgical Centre)

SDI GLOBAL LLC rapid deployable surgical center is a full surgical setup which can be crucial during disasters emergency response and military missions.

The Level 2 Surgical Hospital comes in two (2) stand alone or combined options;

Container Shelters or Container + Tent Shelter

Vehicle Shelters or Vehicle + Tent Shelter

With various configurations, these shelters link to each other, or to a central corridor, to form a completely contained facility as doctors and nurses need a temperature-controlled, hygienic, and fully enclosed medical complex in order to properly treat patients. In this contained facility, patients and hospital staff are free to move throughout the surgical centre without exposure to weather and with easy access from the central corridor.

Rapidly Deployable ROLE III Mobile Hospital (Major Surgical Hospital)

SDI GLOBAL LLC LEVEL 3 mobile field hospitals are designed for medical intervention in case of natural disasters and emergency activities to perform all the required evacuate, diagnose, cure, and temporarily hospitalize the patients as a fully functional hospital in order to deliver world-class medical care to patients and injured peoples by humanitarian, government disaster & emergency response organizations and military forces whenever and wherever needed. SDI GLOBAL LLC Field hospitals are mobile, transportable by any means (Air – airplane and helicopter-, Road, Sea, and Railway).

SDI GLOBAL LLC provide modular or full package hospital solutions from triage to resuscitation, surgery, and post-operative care, camps for hospital staff, ablution/wash-houses, kitchens, dining halls, laundry, laboratory, morgue and power generator.

SDI GLOBAL LLC solutions are designed and manufactured in-house as modular, tailored to meet all our customer requirements and needs from compact panels, to steel containers (Extendable containers, Expandable containers and Armored containers) and prefabricated stationary hospitals.

SDI GLOBAL LLC Operating Room / Operating Theater / Intensive Care ICU shelter solutions are unique in-house produced self-sufficient, climate-controlled expandable container (20” / 40” extendable container) with wide interior space which allows spacious working area, extra bed and equipment.


All Medical Equipment Brands and Types will be procured upon customer requests.


SDI GLOBAL LLC mobile medical facilities are engineered to function within remote locations.

Our highly ready and technologically advanced Multi-function Mobile Medical Units can deploy quickly, wherever & wherever needed (Fast Emergency Response Units).


MOBILE LAB is the ideal solution for fast and precise quality checks in the field. Equipped with the portable, rugged and fully automated analyzers and instruments. All instruments are securely mounted on specially designed shock absorbers to avoid damage during driving. Specially designed lab desks and lockers provide optimal work space and storage of samples and chemicals.

The on board electric transformer supplies power to the instruments and devices from external and internal sources of 240 Volts.


SDI GLOBAL LLC Mobile Pharmacy Units are mobile healthcare treatment facilities. Pharmacy Unit is designed to provide on-site medical pharmacy services for hospitals and clinics, this includes emergency situations and large-scale disaster areas. Because the Pharmacy Unit is on wheels, and can be transported quickly and easily via tractor, train, or s hip, it is effective in supporting international and humanitarian medical missions.


SDI GLOBAL LLC Mobile Blood Collection Unit gives your staff and donors the feel of comfort and the ease of use all-in-one. Smooth exterior look, easy to drive, yet comfortable work interiors with an excellent workflow design. Two to four or more donor beds available according to client requirement.


SDI GLOBAL LLC Mobile Medical provides their mobile and Modular units with a patented sandwich construction method. The sandwich walls for these sophisticated mobile units can have up to 14 layers of special materials integrated in one solid seamless wall. We work according to the latest medical planning guides and are certified by all Medical suppliers OEMs.

By using a high quality sandwich construction walls, we can resist the most extreme temperatures in the world without affecting the medical images inside the unit. We work with high quality suppliers who guarantee a worldwide network.

Our customers choose SDI GLOBAL LLC MRI/CT unit due to:

Excellent insulation

No corrosion

Most green solution by using less energy

Long life time

Better image quality

Measurements: (All measure can be customized according to client requirements )


SDI GLOBAL LLC Mobile Medical has several Mobile X-Ray solutions which can be used for all OEM’s. The Mobile X-Ray solution starts as a small van type solution which can be driven by a normal driver license.

The full size trailer solution is used to combine the X-Ray with other Medical treatments.

Combined solutions which have been delivered in SDI GLOBAL LLC Mobile X-Ray solution are:


Ultra Sound


General treatment

The mobile X-Ray unit capable of travelling over both public and private roads. It may be parked for long periods.

The Mobile X-Ray Unit capable of functioning as an independent island unit, without any need for connection to any permanent external services, because the provision of on-site electrical, water and drainage services cannot be always guaranteed.

Measurements: ( all measure can be customized according to client requirements )


SDI GLOBAL LLC Mobile Medical provides mobile ICU units to several customers around the world.

These Intensive Care Units are designed to be connected to operation theaters or existing hospitals. Main reason for use of the high-end solution is to reduce existing waiting lists of hospitals for day care treatment.

Alternatively small size mobile solutions have been engineered and delivered for countries with less developed infrastructures in Africa. This can be transported behind SUV’s / Land Cruisers.


Mobile Surgery Units (MSUs) are healthcare compliant mobile ambulatory surgical facilities. Essentially hospitals on wheels, MSUs are designed to provide on-site surgical services for hospitals which are renovating operating rooms and also to provide additional operating room capacity. MSUs can support physician groups with insufficient case volume to justify a free-standing Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) or provide on-site surgery at correctional facilities. One value of the MSU is its ability to support disaster readiness applications for International and Humanitarian missions.


The greatest risk is from an unsuspected patient in an unprepared hospital. Most healthcare centers don't even have a full-time emergency manager. The person tapped for that job usually has other responsibilities, most of which appear more urgent until an outbreak arrives.

The COVID-19 READY Rapid Deployable Hospital is ready for a major infectious disease outbreak to treat masses of patients with COVID-19 simultaneously, the field hospital can be ready to erect a temporary, fully functioning tent hospital within 72 hours whenever and wherever it’s needed.

The COVID-19 READY Rapid Deployable Hospital can be moved by truck, airplane, or boat in 20 and 40 foot-long vehicles.

Checklist for hospital preparedness

This checklist has been developed to support hospital preparedness for the management of COVID-19 patients.

The elements described in the list may not be applicable to all hospitals and may need to be adapted to the specific characteristics of the hospital, the individual national health system, legislation and community where the hospital is located.

Elements to be assessed have been divided into the following areas:

Establishment of a core team and key internal and external contact points

Human, material and facility capacity

Communication and data protection

Hand hygiene, personal protective equipment (PPE), and waste management

Triage, first contact and prioritization

Patient placement, moving of the patients in the facility, and visitor access

Environmental cleaning

For each area mentioned above, the elements or processes were identified and the items to be checked are listed below.

A procedure for the self-auditing of compliance with this checklist should be considered.

Hospital Readiness for Infectious Disease Outbreaks

The COVID-19 READY Rapid Deployable Hospital is prepared to treat a patient having COVID-19 symptoms like this:

As soon as someone walks into a hospital, signage, questionnaires, and prompts in the electronic health record would be in place to ask about possible symptoms and exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Once the person is suspected of having COVID-19, that patient would be given a surgical mask and placed in an isolation room within negative-pressure area.

Then, only staff who have been trained in proper protocols for donning and doffing PPE—likely from the emergency department—would provide clinical assessment and care. The patient's symptoms are tested, a sample is collected and sent to the In-Facility Labs for evaluation and process.

If COVID-19 patients are generally well, they should be isolated at related wards and carefully monitored in an airborne infection isolation room with trained staff and overall guidance to manage visitors and items entering and leaving the room.